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Madagascan Coconut Night Cream 50ml

Madagascan Coconut Night Cream 50ml

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Our Madagascan Coconut Night Moisturiser is enriched with high-potency beneficial ingredients which work to provide you with a powerful moisture boost, deeply hydrating your complexion overnight. The texture is indulgent combined with a formulation that works to reduce visible signs of ageing by conditioning the skin with long-lasting hydration overnight.

The conditions are optimised for peak skin recovery during sleep, so our night moisturiser is designed to encourage maximum absorption and enhance the skin barrier overnight, contributing to ultimate cell renewal so that you can wake up to a bouncy, glowing visage.

Hydrating Olive Extract is intensely moisturising, providing antioxidant protection as well as anti-aging benefits by aiding in restoring damaged skin cells. Alongside Natural Lipids overflowing with skin-restoring benefits and Glycerin with its moisture retaining properties, these key ingredients come together to keep skin hydrated for longer, promoting increased water retention and absorption.
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