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Amazonian Berry Routine

Amazonian Berry Routine

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"""Our Amazonian Berry Day Moisturiser will replenish your complexion and allow you to experience a wave of lasting hydration. The formulation is packed full of skin-strengthening ingredients to revitalise and lock in moisture, supporting a healthy glow so that your skin can look youthful for longer.
Our Day Moisturiser is a rich yet lightweight formula that is quick to absorb and incredibly effective; offering a high level of hydration and incorporating ingredients which can help form a protective barrier to keep daily aggressors at bay.

The combination of active ingredients within our Day Moisturiser promotes a softer, more supple aesthetic; Intensely hydrating Olive Extract provides antioxidant protection as well as anti-aging benefits by aiding in restoring damaged skin cells. Natural Lipids are overflowing with skin-restoring benefits and Glycerin has concentrated moisture retaining properties, contributing to a soft and smooth visage.
""Our Amazonian Berry Night Moisturiser helps to recover your skin’s natural barriers while you sleep for an energised complexion. This formulation blends replenishing ingredients to reveal a smoother, more refined complexion. The soft, luxurious texture glides on to form a protective layer which supports a healthy glow whilst fighting premature signs of ageing to restore luminosity.

It is known that skin cells do the majority of their repair work overnight, so our night moisturiser is designed to encourage maximum absorption and enhance the skin barrier whilst you sleep, contributing to ultimate cell renewal.

Hydrating Olive Extract is intensely moisturising, providing antioxidant protection as well as anti-aging benefits by aiding in restoring damaged skin cells. Alongside Natural Lipids overflowing with skin-restoring benefits and Glycerin with its moisture retaining properties, this combination of active ingredients promotes a softer, more supple aesthetic.""
""Our Amazonian Berry Renewing Eye Serum targets the key signs of ageing around the eyes for a more luminous appearance of bright, healthy skin. A combination bursting with natural actives, this formula aims to leave the eyes looking invigorated and awakened.

It is really important to use a specialist eye treatment that contains a powerhouse of ingredients which work in harmony for best results given that the skin around our eyes can be up to 10 times thinner than the rest of our face, as well as lacking in essential oil glands.

Aloe Vera works to enhance dull, dry skin, adding radiance whilst soothing stressed areas of the complexion combined with Castor Oil which is intensely nourishing and promotes healthy cell growth by increasing blood flow and supplying rich nutrients. Natural Vitamin E aids in creating strong, healthy cells which can act as a barrier to deter outside aggressors. Together, this fusion of ingredients works to lock in moisture, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote a smoother texture.
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